The Scent of Carrots


For children over 4 years, this 26 minutes film follows the adventures of Rabbit and Squirrel. These two friends will discover how cohabitation in the forest will lead them to live eventful and full of lessons adventures. 

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FormatShort films, Tv films (specials & series)
Duration26 min
Technique2D, 3D
DirectorRémi Durin // Arnaud Demuynck
ProducerLes Films du Nord – La Boîte,… Productions Nadasdy Films – Les Films de l’île


Direction Rémi Durin Arnaud Demuynck
Script A. Demuynck
Songs A. Demuynck et Laurence Deydier
Orignal Soundtrack Alexandre Brouillard
Graphic design Paul Jadoul
Animation C. Beine - V. Bierrewaerts
  C. Drevon - C. Espinosa
  N. Fong - J. Geraert
  N. Leroy - J. Mazurek
  P. Mousquet
Animation Assistants P. Adelys - M.-B. de Chassey
  V. Cottereau -L. Escadafals
  S. Lâm
Backgrounds R. Alvarez Valera - M. Caup

R. Durin

Backgrounds Assistant M. Perreten
Compositing P. Aeberli - C. Binder
  R. Durin - P; Jadoul
  É. Mory - P. Mousquet

M. Perreten - S. Pion
  M. Richard - A. Sprenger
Production Assistant Nicolas Stinglhamber
Vixen Agnès Jaoui
Fox Jean-Baptiste Marcenac
Rabbit Daphné Van Dessel
Squirrel Igor et Isaac Van Dessel
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