Constantin Beine Co-founder and Director

Attracted by swing dances, interested in all kinds of rythms, Constantin thinks that movement has something to do with the beginning of life.

At l'Enclume he helps in structuring the activity. In films, he loves to find the good way to express something.

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Rémi Durin Co-founder and Director

Passing by Brussels for 11 years now, Rémi is currently considering to stay there a few more years, just to see what's going to happen... Rémi directed several shorts movies. He likes to use new technologies and mix it with traditional aesthetics.

Poils à gratter
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Paul Jadoul Co-founder and Director

Over time, Paul accumulates 3D skills developed in productions with practice of 2D animation learned over long features. He became a director with a solid background who led different kind of animation project with a blend of drawings and high-end techniques.

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Jérémie Mazurek Co-founder and Director

Born in 1981, Jérémie, a child prodigy in the art of contortionism enjoyed a meteoric rise in the Balkans, but careers in this demanding discipline are very short. At the age of 10 years, he refocused on the logical meeting point of all subjects he likes: The cartoon.

He likes communication, graphic design, and all-over tiling (artistic pun intended) walls. He has a practical mind, likes to create images and play with colors.

So, let the pictures talk and give a look at Jérémie's portfolio.

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