The Residence is aimed at filmmakers who already have a film concept and want to develop it in a stimulating working environment. The main objective of the Residence is to create a production assistance application file or at least a substantial file that can be presented to one or more producers. The duration of the Residence is set at two months.

As directors, screenwriters, graphic creators, and studio managers, we aim to allow filmmakers to focus on all aspects of pre-production that can enhance a project's ambition and credibility among industry professionals:

- Artistic / Creative:

  • Quality of graphic development
  • Technical aspects
  • Screenwriting

- Production:

  • Project feasibility
  • Knowledge of Belgian-European production realities
  • ...

Why does Atelier de l'Enclume organize these residencies?

There is no grant in Belgium specifically for the writing of animated short films. To meet this need and to support and mentor young filmmakers in their initial authorship film projects, the Residence was created.

The Residencies create a real artistic emulation within the studio, which is very important to its founders. They generate animated discussions and exchanges of viewpoints - both on content and form - that are stimulating in the work and personal research of each individual. The Residencies also allow the studio to associate itself with artistic projects in which it believes.

By working alongside the facilities and actors of the professional studio that Atelier de l'Enclume also represents, the resident remains connected to the realities of the professional animation world and its stakeholders (specialized technicians, animators, producers, etc.).

The reading committee chooses the project it wishes to support based on its graphic and narrative originality, as well as its film potential. A mentor is selected from the studio's directors to facilitate follow-up with the resident. Together, they define the objectives of the Residence.

These objectives are based on the artistic and technical ambitions of the candidate, as defined in their application file (script, storyboards, animatics, graphic research, technical tests, etc.).

A pre-production schedule is established. Depending on the resident's needs, Atelier de l'Enclume can assist them during the writing phase (script, breakdown), their initial technical tests, and the production file development, including its writing, the establishment of the production process, and the production schedule planning. Atelier de l'Enclume can also advise the resident in seeking financing.

Atelier de l'Enclume provides the resident with the necessary professional equipment for their pre-production (computer workstation, supplies, shooting set) according to the needs established during their application or after reassessment.

In addition to technical and material support, the residents and the Atelier de l'Enclume team meet every two weeks to discuss the progress of the project.

The Residence is unpaid; it is an artistic and material support. The only requested counterpart is for the resident to acknowledge the studio's support in the credits of the film or project resulting directly or indirectly from their work in the Residence.


La résidence a lieu pendant deux mois


- Il·elle·s sont majeur·e·s

- Il·elle·s ont un projet d'animation en cours d'écriture

- Il·elle·s n'ont pas encore de producteur·ice


- Lettre de motivation justifiant la demande de résidence et présentant les objectifs (avec un planning de travail prévisionnel)

- Présentation du projet (synopsis, intentions, premières recherches graphiques, etc.)

- CV et portfolio ou extraits de précédents projets


 - À mentionner l'Enclume (et la SACD si le résident est soutenu par celle-ci) en notant que « ce projet a bénéficié d'une résidence à l'Enclume » (le cas échéant, « avec le soutien de la SACD ») et à faire figurer leur logo sur tous les documents et dossiers de présentation du projet, et le cas échéant au générique du film et sur tous ses supports de promotion .

 - Il·Elle autorise l'Enclume à utiliser certaines images dans un but de promotion du programme de résidence.


La date de dépôt des dossiers pour la prochaine commission de sélection est fixée au 31 mai 2023 pour la résidence de deux mois sur la période à définir (avec le résident) entre les mois de septembre et décembre 2023.



La résidence est organisée par l'Enclume Animation SPRL,

grâce au soutien financier de la SACD Belgique.