The Horn Quartet - Up to the mountain

Animation et Compositing 

After their first road trip to the sea, our four cows are now heading up to the mountain. Invited by JB the ram, they will discover the snow summits! But when they find out that JB, the sheep leader, disappeared after he went looking for edelweiss, our four heroes decide to look for him to save him from the terrifying yeti!


FormatTv films (specials & series)
TypeTechnical Services
DirectorBenjamin Botella & Arnaud Demuynck
ProducerLa Boîte, ... Productions, Vivement lundi


Suivi de production Rémi Durin
Jérémie Mazurek
Lead Animator

Marc Pierard

Zoé Hardy

Zoé Hardy
Pauline Ménigault  
Solène Michel
Rémi Vandenitte
Paul Vibert-Vallet
Rémi Durin
Jérémie Mazurek
Rémi Vandenitte
Thomas Leclercq

Super stagiaire 

Assistant compo

Benoît Allard

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