Basil where are you going ?

Short movie/ videoclip young audiences

Basil where are you going?
Basil goes to market to sell his horse. He meets someone on the way who cunningly offers to exchange his horse for a cow. Further along the way, Basile swaps his cow for a goat, then his goat for a hen... This short film Où vas-tu Basile? based on the song by Georges Bonnet and Loulou Gasté proves the old saying "he who laughs last, laughs longest"!

Words by Georges Bonnet and music by Loulou Gasté
Published by: BMG Rights Management (France) - With the permission of BMG Rights Management (France)


FormatShort films
DirectorJérémie Mazurek
ProducerArnaud Demuynck // La boîte,.. Productions
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