Jagros, or 'Jeunes Agros', is a group of students in agronomy, gathered to discuss and think about food sovereignty. Their studies and expertise will put these future professionals in a position to help and develop a reflexive and sustainable agriculture.

We were contacted by Switch asbl to create a motion design animation, to illustrate the principles developped in interviews by the students. The images were shot by none other than our dear  neighbours, e-prod!

The challenge was to create this animation in a record time of 2 days! The result is a fresh and effective animation.


FormatCommissioned films (Ads & Web Campaigns)
TypeTechnical Services, Direction
DirectorJérémie Mazurek
Producerswitch asbl


Production Switch asbl (switch-asbl.org)
Images Kevin Zuijderhoff (blog.eprod.be)
Animations Jérémie Mazurek
Montage Thomas Fournet-Oberlé

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