Le voyage extraordinaire de Marona

Fin de production - Compositing 2D

The story of this movie is the story of a little she-dog, Marona, a half-breed brown Labrador. Her life leaves deep traces into the human lives she intersects with. Marona is given several names by each of her ”masters”, and this is the only way her existence is reflected into the world of humans, while she brings only love into her owners’ lives.

Victim of an accident, a small female dog remembers her different masters she has unconditionally loved. With her unfailing empathy, Marona has rought lightness and innocence in each of the homes she has lived in.


FormatLongs métrages
Techniques2D, 3D
TypePrestation technique
RéalisateurAnca Damian
ProducteurAparte, Sacrebleu production, Mind Meets
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