Planet Power

2D animations

"PLANET POWER" tells the story of electricity, from the first spark created by man?s hand to the largest power plants, the age of miracles to that of industry, from Benjamin Franklin?s kite to Solar Impulse, the first solar-powered plane capable of perpetual flight. Thus, it is also a story of pioneers, scientists and inventors, one that began 200 years ago, driven by innovation.
Today, electricity is indispensable to mankind. Energy of choice for innovation and development, electricity is also the energy of our future as long as it is produced in a cleaner and more sustainable way.
By mixing traditional animation and CGI to spectacular aerial shots, "PLANET POWER" shows how renewable energy can help us fight climate change while improving our quality of life and protecting the environment
Now, thanks to clean technologies, the greatest forces of nature can help make our planet cooler and our future better.

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FormatPerforming Arts & Museo
TypeTechnical Services
DirectorPascal Vuong & Ronan Chapalain
ProducerN3D LAND Films


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