Head in the Clouds

Alfonso, a young squirrel, always has his head in the clouds. He loves watching them and sometimes takes snapshots of them. His parents and friends find it hard to take his hobby seriously.

But cloud-gazing is not always easy – Alfonso sometimes has to be as brave as some of the great explorers of our times...


FormatShort films
DirectorRémi Durin
ProducerLes Films du Nord


Script, artistic direction, backgrounds and compositing Rémi Durin
Script doctoring Xavier Vairé

Morgane Simon

et Pierre Mousquet

Adèle Fisch

Coloring, cleaning and animation assisting

Tiphaine Kneip

Paul Gressier

original soundtrack Yan Volsy
Foley Elias Vervecken - Studio AGeNT
Sound editing Yan Volsy et Renaud Watine
Sound Mixing Nils Fauth - Studio Piste rouge
Labo Audrick Mercier - Charbon Studio
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