An animation studio based in Brussels Four animation directors casted Enclume in 2007

Enclume is the melting point of their respective universes. They met in 2002, as they all were passing the E.N.S.A.V. La Cambre entrance exam ; since then they were never to be parted again. Helping each other while directing their student films, Constantin Beine, Rémi Durin, Paul Jadoul and Jérémie Mazurek decided, after graduating, that they should go on with  their complementarity as professionals.

In the following years, various projects such as De si Près,The Lost Switch or le Parfum de la Carotte and successful partnerships with Hooverphonic, Folimage (Une Vie de Chat), Philippe Geluck (la Minute du Chat), Prima Linea (Zarafa), Louise-Marie Colon, Mathieu Labaye (Caméra etc.), and Rémi Vandenitte (Betty's Blues) were launched.

Several short films currently are in development, but there will always be enough creativity in here for any other challenging project.